Mythology is a marketing strategy and management services firm that helps ambitious organizations grow brand, revenue and relationships. We help you focus on the meaning behind your marketing and operationalize your customer growth engine in order to build belief in your business.

Let's grow your meaningful, measurable marketing system together: 

Assess. Research and Assessments.

Plan. Strategic Roadmaps, Tactical Action Plans.

Manage. Process, Tools, Measurement.

Better Marketing



IDC's 2014 CMO Predictions outline where senior marketing leaders need to focus: "IDC predicts that by 2020, marketing organizations will be radically reshaped. The core fabric of marketing execution will be ripped up and rewoven by data and marketing technology.”

Is your organization ready for this revolution in how marketing is assessed, planned and managed? Mythology can help transition and prepare your marketing team: 

  • Marketing function will be re-organized along three key components: content, channels, and consumption (data and analysis), getting rid of traditional silos.
  • Getting a handle on integrating customer data to reduce the 80% of wasted data that results from immature data value chains.
  • Producing truly engaging, relevant content vs. churning out content for "content marketing's" sake. 
  • Mainstreaming marketing analytic skills vs. relying on a few specialized data specialists. 
  • Embracing the reality that more than 50% of the buying decision is made before contact with sales and marketing investment should follow the buyer