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Modern Marketing’s Six Greatest Challenges 

At Mythology, we help ambitious, growth-minded organizations address their fundamental marketing challenges in order to improve return on marketing investment.

We thought it might be helpful to document the six greatest marketing we run into time and again with clients struggling to adapt to today’s changing media and social world:


Already over 50% of births in the United States are from “minority” ethnic groups. The “Tanning of America”, as Steve Stoute terms it, has immense challenges for marketing executives and teams steeped in traditional (i.e., white-Euro) culture.

As humans, we have common emotions and needs; however, as individuals coming from a mix of socio-economic, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, religious and regional backgrounds, how do marketers effectively and efficiently translate messages in ways that resonate through these unique lenses?


The channels by which to communicate have grown exponentially over the past twenty years. So therefore, has the anxiety caused by media saturation among consumers and the angst of marketers who are tasked with mastering a myriad of new skills: search engine optimization, social media and word-of-mouth buzz marketing, to name a few.

How can marketers stay focused on their core audiences and differentiated value propositions while also integrating and optimizing their messages across all these channels?   


It’s one thing to launch a Facebook page. It’s quite another to create a community in which influencers, customers and prospects actually find value in “liking” your page.

One of the key success factors? Learning to hold two-way conversations. The engagement level of customers can be up to 10x greater if you actually respond to their comments and questions.


In a world of blogs and social media posts that create conversations and build credibility, the compelling nature of the content your organization publishes is the other primary factor that determines whether your new media marketing efforts are boom or bust.

In today’s world, every company has to think like a publisher. Do you have an editorial calendar? A simple process for capturing, editing and publishing content? Does it align with your overall brand, revenue and relationship goals?

Creative Accountability

Gone are the days when good marketing came strictly from the gut and shot from the hip. Today’s marketing world is highly accountable. Never in history have there been more ways to measure marketing investments. Yet many organizations – and their advertising/marketing agencies – struggle with the balance of pure creativity and highly analytical parameters. It’s not about shackling your creative team; it’s about giving them better feedback and specific targets so they can knock it out of the park.

The secret? Rapid, constant testing and feedback loops. The challenge is, how do you set those up and use the steady flow of insights to optimize your efforts?

Internal Alignment  

Recently I called a government agency to follow up on a program that sounded like it would benefit our firm in hiring new employees. After three different calls, I finally found someone in the agency who had even heard of the program that their own organization had promoted via a brochure.

While this may sound par for the course for the stereotypical government service organization, it’s also quite unfortunately true for many for-profit companies. Lack of internal alignment – training, systems integration, competing incentives – can doom almost any major marketing investment. 

So how to address these obstacles? We have found that a cohesive marketing planning and management system does wonders. Our unique Ten Pillars of Meaningful Marketing™ has continued to mature and add value to firms across a spectrum of industries, sizes and marketing capabilities with one thing in common: ambition to grow and a desire to up-level their marketing competency. 

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Reader Comments (1)

Great thought leadership. Nice article to lift the conversation back to macro trends. "The only thing that is constant is change." How do you actively listening for and measure change?
June 20, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTodd Whitlow

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